Slashcards Unity Quick Tip 1: Fast Faces

One thing I wanted to achieve in Slashcards (check out the playable preview at itch) was characters that had some character. I wanted them to feel alive. One game that does that superbly well is The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Because of the specific artistic choices in that game, the characters faces were basically drawn on as if cartoons. That permitted a ton of expression with a bit less work than, say, modeling a humanoid face, rigging it, and using motion capture or hand-crafted animation for each little expression.

To make expressive faces, you first and foremost need eyes and eyebrows. Eye shape and eyebrow position tell you just about everything you need to know about someone’s emotional state. I wanted to be able to control the eye pupil position by script, so rather than have canned images fr looking left, looking right, etc., I chose to have the pupil be a separate image from the white of the eye. And that meant masking the eye, which means shaders, which means more draw calls…

Two eye brows, two eyes with two pupils, and we’re already up to six draw calls per character, and we haven’t even gotten to the mouth, yet. The trick to keeping this cheap is (in Unity) using MaterialPropertyBlocks.

The drawback of MPBs is that you have to set them in code. And if you want to see the results in the editor, you’ll need to have a script that sets their values in OnValidate.

So the recipe is: use the same texture, use the same shader, and to vary parameters across different facial elements, use MateriapPropertyBlocks. Next up, I’ll get into how they’re animated.

looks painful..
Hm, looks painful…

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