Slashcards: Learn Japanese! Alpha Preview

Learning your first kana

So, the Slashcards 7DRL morphed away from a roguelike RPG and more into an action game with some light RPG progression elements.  Slashcards: Learn Japanese!: 一緒に勉強しよう! is an action-RPG where your mastery of reading (and writing!) Japanese is your character’s power. You’ve been summoned to go on an epic journey that will have you battling monsters, mastering the power of the Slashcards, and rescuing the denizens of a land accursed.

The focus of this project is to make the otherwise tedious task of rote learning (memorization) a seamless and central part of an action game.

Even if you plow through the dialog and introductions, and go in blind, the game will still give you hints, let you review in-game, and you can finish a level having really learned something.

Enemies have characters or kana right on their bodies. If you scope out enemies you “know” well, you can prioritize your attack — or step back to find some safety so you can review in-game.

(in-game review – you’re seeing 上手 being written mid-stroke animation)

Or just barrel in and give it a shot — a miss will give you a hint to the right answer, if you survive being stunned (and you probably will.)

Attack an enemy and the faster and more accurately you respond, the more damage you’ll do, the more experience you’ll earn, and the better you’ll be able to evade the monsters that are still chasing you! And by “responding”, I mean choosing from multiple choices, typing in English or Japanese, or even drawing a character stroke-by-stroke.

I’m a learner myself. So I’ve gotten help putting together the lessons, the level order, and I’ve even male + female voice recordings for the words and letters in the game. They’re not all in there yet, but most of them are.

On top of that, Slashcards has been built for multiplayer co-op and competitive modes from the very beginning. So you can adventure across the land with your friends…

some co-op gameplay

…or try one of the hectic versus modes (with CPU opponents, if you want!)

Bingo Battle!

There’s tons more for me to talk about (and to work on), but I’m hoping I’ll be able to update this regularly.

I’m anxious to get this rolling on Greenlight, but first I’d like to get a working demo going. Do me a favor give the preview a try and let me know what you think!

>> Download the pre-release demo: Slashcards: Learn Japanese. <<

You can play the first couple levels and try one of the versus modes, Bingo Battle. You’ll be treated to three original music tracks and one recycled one from an old game of mine.

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