A quick intro to start things off —

My name is Charlie.  I’ve been independently making apps, games. and software toys for almost ten years.

Most recently, as of this post, I made a VR game about rescuing babies, Rescuties VR.

In 2015 I made a mobile game about learning to read and write Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Hebrew.  It’s called Word Fireworks and you can get it on Android and iOS.

I’ve also made a lot of looping gifs, either in code with Processing or with Cinema 4D.  I made one a day at  I made it just past a thousand before taking a break.

I enjoyed sharing the gifs so much that I’ve decided to start sharing some of the ideas and techniques I use, both from the gif stuff and the software I’ve made.  I may try some of the other various platforms, but at the very least this blog is where I will collate all the posts I write.

Enjoy + feedback is always welcome.

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